Terms and Conditions

Examinations are on an appointment basis. You may have to wait longer than your allocated appointment time if we feel that another animal being seen as an emergency is a priority. Animals presented without appointments will be seen as soon as possible but may experience a wait.  Emergency cases will be seen at the earliest opportunity, however, we would ask that you phone ahead to allow us to prepare.

All animals attending the surgery must be suitably restrained for their benefit and for that of fellow Clients.  Dogs must always be on a lead and cats/small animals always within a cage.  Suitable leads and carriers can be purchased at reasonable costs from the practice.

The practice exists as a business.  All charges must be settled at the time of treatment.  Exceptions can only be arranged by the Senior Vets/Practice Manager and only BEFORE the commencement of treatment. (Care will not be refused on financial grounds, however, it may be limited to emergency treatment only at the discretion of the Vet).

Estimates will be given to any Client who requests them.

If during the course of your pet’s treatment the estimate is exceeded, then we will endeavour to contact you to keep you informed.

Accounts are not issued automatically, however, if you have a farm or equestrian facilities, you may apply for a monthly account.

These accounts must be settled in full each month.

The practice reserves the right to refuse accounts.

The practice reserves the right to refuse to register any animal and remove a client or animal at its discretion.