Most of our pets, like ourselves, will at some stage require a surgical procedure. The majority of our surgical cases are elective and afford a degree of planning, some unfortunately are not and require immediate attention.

It is understandable that we have concerns for our pets when surgery is required. Every effort is made to make your pets stay as comfortable and short as possible and to discuss and answer any concerns you may have. All your pets will be given a thorough health check prior to surgery and pre and post-operative blood tests can be carried out quickly and efficiently with instant results. All anaesthetics are closely monitored and recorded, your pet will have individual care until recovery. As soon as your pet is responsive you will be contacted so you can relax.

We have an experienced team of surgeons at The Ark who are capable of dealing with the most minor to the most complicated surgery. Some of our surgeons have special interests and every effort is made to keep up to date with the latest thinking via continuing professional development courses.

Our surgical equipment is regularly assessed and updated and significant investment is made each year. All surgeries are performed in specific theatres and 24 hours a day we have a team available to deal with any situation that arises.

Safety during anaesthesia, pain management and post-operative care are especially important.

Upon discharge we will discuss medication and advise you on your role in post-operative care. Collars can be provided and an appointment made for post-operative examination.

We would always advise that if you have any concerns, no matter how small, you contact the surgery. Not all surgical cases will require general anaesthesia, many minor procedures can be carried out under reversible sedation with local anaesthesia and oxygen supplementation. This is often a beneficial option but all cases have to be assessed individually.

All surgical cases can be dealt with very efficiently. Appointments for elective procedures can be made to suit you. In the sick patient the journey from consultation, assessment and diagnosis of possible surgical intervention is very important; speed thoroughness and the best of care are essential and this will always be treated as priority.

Contact the surgery if you need advice on any aspects of the services we offer, we will be happy to help, advice is always at hand.


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