We are all aware of the ‘X-ray’ but providing accurate radiography, from the Irish Wolfhound to the mouse, can prove challenging.

As well as providing images of bones, radiographs are useful for examining the heart and lungs, and providing contrast studies of all internal organs. They also help in monitoring progressive changes or tracking a foreign body, through the bowel for example.

At Ark we have full digital imaging so we can achieve the images we need from the very large and the very small. Digital imaging achieves results in 1-2 minutes and views can be adjusted, focused and expanded by the touch of a button, enabling us to find any problems immediately.

Most animals require some degree of sedation (often rapidly reversible) for radiographs, as unlike us, they don’t keep still or hold their breath on command – especially if it hurts.

Radiographs should be viewed as a ‘photo in time’. By downloading our images onto your pet’s clinical record we can monitor pets over months or even years…especially useful for ongoing cardiac and arthritis cases.

Radiographs are an excellent non-invasive diagnostic tool.