It is a sad truth that the number of dogs and cats born each year is far greater than the number of good homes that can be found for them.  As a result many are left to fend for themselves.  Neutering is one of the simplest and most practical ways of controlling these numbers but also safeguards aspects of your pets health, welfare and behaviour.

Our pets are routinely neutered prior to the onset of breeding.  Generally, cats aged between 5-6 months, dogs from 6 months, rabbits from 16 weeks can be neutered.  At these ages any surgery is much simplified and your pet will be home the same day.

We offer very reasonable standardised prices for these procedures and see it as an important part of animal care.  Our fees include pre-operative health check, post-operative antibiotic and painkillers and a Buster collar.  Post-operative checks generally after 48 hours and stitches out where applicable.  Extra discounts are applied via our Puppy and Kitten Packs and our Practice Membership Schemes.

Apart from the obvious, there are many health benefits to neutering.  Females have the risk of ovarian and uterine and related hormonal issues removed and the risk of mammary tumour development is greatly reduced.  It is advisable to neuter prior to the first season for this reason………also the surgery is much easier.

Males, especially dogs have the risk of testicular tumours removed and also greatly aids in the control of prostatic  issues and anal tumours as well as the obvious behavioural benefits and related hormonal issues.

It is worth mentioning that neutering will not change the personality of your pet but we recommend more care with diet post-neutering and regular checks on their weight.

 In the dog, we have some other options as opposed to surgery.  Bitches can have seasons controlled or suppressed for a limited time with hormonal injections which can be given at 3, 4 5 and 6 month intervals.  We do not recommend this long-term though it can be useful for logistical reasons i.e travelling and holidays etc. or to time a season for breeding in certain cases.  Male dogs have the option of a hormonal implant which is temporary and reversible.

If neutering is considered to aid in the control of behavioural issues in the male, the implant allows us to assess the benefits of neutering as it will achieve the same result without the initial need for surgery and is reversible.  Implants will be effective for 6 – 12 months and can be administered during a routine consultation.

We also use implants in older dogs to control prostate complications and other testosterone responsive conditions without the need for neutering and us to avoid a general anaesthetic in our older patients.

We are always happy to discuss any issues regarding the need for neutering and any concerns you may have.  If you are considering breeding from your pet we will discuss options and advise and support you throughout.