A microchip can help to reunite you with your pet if they go missing. These small implants can be placed in even the smallest pets.

All dogs will have to have a microchip fitted by law by the 6th April 2016 in England and by 1st March 2015 in Wales and is already a legal requirement in Northern Ireland. Scotland is presently undergoing a consultation on compulsory microchipping.

It is also a legal requirement for certain exotic pets to have a microchip placed depending on species and breed.

Fitting a microchip is a quick process and can be done during a consultation.

Free microchips for dogs are available through the Dogs Trust scheme which we are taking part in. Unfortunately, these free microchips are not available to any pets other than dogs, but we offer a reduced rate if microchipping is done at the same time as any other procedure.

From 2016, all Dogs in England must be microchipped by law