Over the last 12 months we have invested heavily in our on site Laboratories at both our Mobberley and Northwich surgeries.

We have some of the most modern blood analysers allowing rapid interpretation of blood in the sick patient, helping to aid diagnosis and the monitoring of on going treatments.

Results from blood and urine analysis can be achieved in as little as ten minutes and automatically transferred to your pet’s clinical record.

In addition we also offer routine monitoring which is available either separately or as part of our practice membership plans.

This is very helpful in detecting conditions early or simply to monitor the overall health of your pet.

Obviously prevention is the best form of care.

Blood can be taken very easily from your pet, during a consultation or routine vaccination.

A suitable container can be collected from the surgery  for you to provide us with any additional samples. Please ensure any samples are as fresh as possible.We can advise you on this very easily.

 In addition we have an extensive network of external laboratories that we utilise. Our courier service ensures optimal turnaround in results and adds to the service we provide.

Whether for routine or more advanced diagnostics, or if you are travelling abroad and require specific investigations,  we have the equipment and options to provide for your pets needs.