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Get the Big Flea Guarantee

How many of us are only aware that our dog or cat may have fleas when we see signs of discomfort in our pet with frantic scratching, itching and licking or worse, when we find a tell-tale flea bite on our own arms or legs? How many of us even know how or where to look for fleas or what a tick looks like?

Help is at hand as this summer, vets across the country are joining forces to support the Big Flea Guarantee. Under this scheme, vet practices are offering to give dogs aFREE FLEA and tick check together with a consultation on the best flea and tick treatment available to keep dogs flea and tick free.

To download your voucher

To download your voucher, simply Click this link  insert your postcode or nearest town in the box at the top of this page to find your nearest participating vet.

  • Click on the link to your choice of vet from the 10 nearest practices listed as participating in the Big Flea Guarantee scheme.
  • From the practice page, follow the link on the right to download your voucher for a Free Flea and Tick check. You will be asked for the name of your pet and your email address. This data will not be used for any other purpose other than to identify you and your pet on your voucher as participants in the scheme.
  • Once you have downloaded your voucher, contact your participating veterinary practice to make an appointment for your ‘Free Flea Check’, making them aware of the voucher.
  • Hand in this voucher at the veterinary branch and practice shown on this voucher (the “Veterinary Practice”), where it will be accepted as full payment for one flea examination to check your dog for fleas.

Forgotten to treat your dog for fleas and ticks?

Surveys show that many of us are failing to protect our pets adequately against fleas and ticks, often we are not using the right treatment or frequently enough.

A 2010 survey of dog owners using monthly spot-on tick treatments found that these products were not used as recommended in 56% of dogs3.

With climate change bringing warmer, wetter winters and warm dry summers, the challenge of keeping our pets and homes flea and tick free has never been greater.

How fleas and ticks can harm us too

Not only are our pets and our homes at risk from infestation, fleas and ticks can affect our own health too.
Fleas can bite humans as well as their dog and cat hosts and they can transmit diseases such as Cat scratch fever (bartonellosis), and the newly discovered disease, Rickettsia felis. They also spread the most common tape-worms, Dipylidium caninum and in susceptible individuals their bites can cause intense irritation known as Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). Tick-borne diseases include the serious and debilitating Lyme Disease which can affect pets and people. Care needs to be taken when removing ticks.

New treatment options for fleas and ticks

But there is an answer – scientific advances have brought innovative solutions to the control of parasites in our pets, with a broad range of modern products with improved activity, efficacy and convenience available on prescription from our vets. The wide options available from vet practices include spot-ons, sprays, collars as well as oral chewable formulations with spot-ons typically being applied every four weeks and now, new chewable tablets being given every 12 weeks.

With access to the latest, most innovative and most effective treatment available your vet can advise you on the best prevention for your individual pet.

The Big Flea Guarantee, is a campaign being run this summer with vet practices across the country offering FREE FLEA and tick checks and advice to pet owners. MyPetonline is proud to support the campaign and more and more vet practices are signing up every day.

Did you know?

  • A single female flea can produce up to 1,500 eggs each month
  • Adult fleas can survive on your pet for up to 113 days, or even longer
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