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Did you know cats and dogs show different signs of heart disease? Whilst dogs may slow down or have a cough; cats may breathe heavy, be losing weight, be a bit quiet or off their food.

Fortunately we at Ark Vets have a variety of tools available to help us diagnose heart disease in your pet. Of course listening with our stethoscope may give us a clue! But we also have digital x-rays to show us the size and shape of the heart, ultrasound to show us how the heart is working, and ecg so that we can look at the rhythm of your pet’s heart.

These tests allow us to determine what kind of heart disease your pet may have and what the best treatments may be.

We routinely listen to your pet’s heart during health examinations and as with many other problems detecting things early can be beneficial. If you have any worries we are always here to help and have a special interest and knowledge within the practice in this area. Digital x-rays and ecg can be performed at either site and we have a heart specific ultrasound machine at our Northwich surgery where an ultrasound of the heart can be performed.

Monitoring heart disease is required to check if the condition is stable or progressing and do we need to increase or change medication.

We recommend regular examination of patients with heart disease to review their health and welfare.