The importance of good oral hygiene for your pets cannot be underestimated.

  • How often do you  check their mouths?
  • Do you brush their teeth?
  • Do they have smelly breath?
  • Are they slower at eating their food, or favour one side of their mouth?
  • Are they less keen on eating harder foods or treats?

Oral pain, infection and  gingivitis can greatly affect the welfare of your pet, both within the oral cavity and via other organs.

Regular dental examination is strongly recommended.

At the Ark, we offer free comprehensive dental examinations, via our Nursing dental clinics, and actively support Pet Smile Month.

We have Veterinary Nurses with an interest in dental and oral hygiene, who have specific dental qualifications.

We may recommend further dental treatment if required, but can also offer advice from a preventative point, similar to our own dental hygienist.  We can offer you regular reviews, which our clients find very useful.

If your pet requires dental work, which generally becomes more likely with age, your pet will require an anaesthetic, which will be closely monitored and supervised ensuring a rapid recovery.

We offer very competitive fixed prices for dentals, and we are able to give you an estimate prior to your pet coming to stay with us.

We offer pre-anaesthetic blood screening should you require. Short term antibiotics and pain relief are given as standard, as well as a post dental check to ensure things are going well.

All but the blood screen is covered in our fixed price.

Preventative dental care is obviously the way forward, utilise our free clinics where our nurses will be happy to advise you.

Please contact us should you require more information.

Keep your pet smiling.